8 Tips for Buying Corporate Gifts
8 Tips for Buying Corporate Gifts

It can be a major challenge selecting the corporate gift to buy. The main reason is because there is a goal you wish to achieve by giving the gift such as showing appreciation, improve your network connections and so on. The following tips are to help you select the right gift which will help you achieve your goals.

First, you need to understand company policy with regards to corporate gifts. In some, such gifts are prohibited; others place a money value limit on gifts awarded while others don’t. Knowing company policy will help you get a better picture on what type of gift you can get without getting into trouble.

Secondly, remember that first impressions can work magic in the corporate world. In this case, the wrapping or packaging of your gift should make a good first impression to the person you are presenting the gift to. Good wrapping sends a message that you consider the person important and that is why you went into the trouble of getting him or her a carefully wrapped gift. The contrary is so for poorly wrapped gifts.

Third, add a personal touch to the gift. The best way to do this is to have the handwritten card which accompanies the gift. Ready printed cards are good, but, handwritten cards have the biggest impact. The gift recipient will see that the card and message are sincere and this goes a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

Fourth, in addition to having handwritten cards, you should deliver the gift in person. If the gift is small enough for you to carry, ensure that the recipient receives it from you. Personal delivery helps you interact with the recipient at a personal level. It also enables the recipient to have a good lasting impression about you.

Fifth, consider the recipient as a member of a particular culture before buying a gift. For example, while Western cultures might symbolize white as a sign of peace and purity, the same color when used for wrapping in China symbolizes death and grief. Understanding the recipient’s cultural background before buying them a gift sends the message that you took time not only know them professionally but also personally.

Sixth, consider the recipients wants. Without considering what the recipient wants, you will be taking a big risk buying a gift for them. The reason is that the wrong kind of gift can mean you and your company’s corporate downfall. Think in lines of hobbies and interests. If you don’t have a clue what the person would want, ask them personally.

Seventh, quality always counts when it comes to corporate gifts. The quality you buy might be used to judge your company’s image. However, you should also find a gift that fits into your budget.

Finally, consider IRD deductions on corporate gifts. In America corporate gifts are tax deductible and it is worth considering the IRS policies regarding this. Other things to consider with regards to expenses and deductions are shipping and packaging of the gift.

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