Remembering Pets
Remembering Pets

Pet lovers remember their pets differently – some will have a huge compilation of pet portraits, while others will hangoil portrait canvas of their favorite pets in their homes. Some preserve the pets long after they have gone to pet heaven, and still others print shirts and other memorabilia with an image of their pets. These practices give us an idea of how valuable pets are. In fact, they are considered a part of the family, much like a beloved daughter or son. When it comes to remembering pets, one of the most economical yet effective way is through pet portraits. Pet portraits can be shown to anyone, and they cost very reasonably. They don’t last long, though, so a better way will be to have your favorite pet portrait done into a pet oil painting. Oil paintings are very much like pet portraits, only better. They last longer, they can be sized according to your preference, and they are good enough to be displayed in a museum! You can even experiment with different frames and finishes, and you can even add some touch-ups to optimize your portrait! Remove some unwanted items or edit the background according to your taste, virtually paint a picture you’ve always wanted, with your fave pet in it! If you have a lot of pet portraits, you can even have one in a mosaic or a collage, so that will let you showcase more with just the price of one. Now that is a real bargain, for a very quality product!

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