How to Create Amazing Family Portrait Paintings
How to Create Amazing Family Portrait Paintings

Creating an amazing family portrait painting doesn't have to be as hard as you think and you don't have to be an artist. First, and most important is to select some photos and narrow them down. These days most of our family photos are taken informally on the phone, and in some cases people hire a professional photographer to take their photo.  If you have images from a photographer then that is terrific and will work wonderfully as the source image for your painted family portrait.  However, if you don't have professional photographs that is perfectly okay too, and doesn't have to prevent you from getting incredible results.   

Finding photos for family portrait painting


Sorting through photos can take time, but if you use google photos on your phone, ipad  or desktop for example,  its built in AI image recognition can identify your family photos simply by entering the word Family into the search box as shown in the example image above.  Google photos will automatically and instantly display your family photos saving precious time and your finger from a veritable swiping marathon. Take detailed pictures of each family member from good angles so that the family portrait painter has enough material to create a realistic portrait painting from. Allow yourself plenty of time for getting these shots done, as details such as facial expressions, hair color, eye color etc are all very integral parts in creating a good painting!

Now if you are like most of us, it will often be the case that somebody is missing from the photo or perhaps something or someone does not even belong in the photo!  Or perhaps Grandma lives in another state and you have her photos albeit without the family in entirety.  Oh no! We don't want Granny to get left out right?  Relax we have you covered. 

Photos from different devices, locations and even time periods can be artistically composed and combined into one big beautiful family painting. Now everyone is happy even your in-laws! This is actually an advantage of using your own photos instead of professional photographer images, since chances are not everyone will be available to be included in a professional photo.  When using your own images you can even include your dog or pet in your painted family portrait.


Okay great now that you've selected some lovely family photos. Oops, it looks like someone made a weird face or appears to be sleeping while standing.  Easy does it, this little hiccup can be taken care of without a family feud.  We'll just need a different reference photo of that person, and presto problem solved. 

Alright,  remember earlier when we said you don't need to be an artist? Well now that you have selected the photos for your family portrait painting, you are almost ready to sit back, relax and leave the rest to our professional artists. Snappy Canvas has made the process easy and seamless, to get started click the this link Family Portrait Painting.


he size of your painting can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your portrait. A too small or too big portrait can make your subject appear distorted, so it is important to choose the right size for your painting that you think will best capture the scene and mood of your family’s photo.


In the old days you would have to spend a lot of time finding a local artist or ship to make your family painting.  Doing a lot of driving back and forth while hoping that the artist will be able to create it to your liking, so that your time and money won't be wasted. 

Perhaps you would also have the added inconvenience of bringing in printed photos.  Now from the comfort of your home and the power of your finger tips you can upload your photos, wait a couple of days and receive a proof of your painted family right to your e-mail.  

With just 10 minutes of your time you've started the creation of a unique family painting, that will bring forth an undeniable and immeasurable amout of pride, joy, and legacy. Talk with us about any specific requests or customizations that you may have- perhaps certain family members wearing distinct clothing colors or items incorporated into the scenery? Whatever creative ideas you may have in mind communicate them clearly with your artist so they are able to carry out any special directions correctly when translating these thoughts into artworks!

family painting from photo displayed on wall

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