How to Make Your Old Photograph A Great Masterpiece of Art
How to Make Your Old Photograph A Great Masterpiece of Art

Sometime in the past, you may have made a great smile that has lured someone to catch it with a snapshot, and you couldn’t help but felt deeply gratified about it; you then looked at your reflection in a photograph, and you got mesmerized with what you saw – a beauty which every creature would wish to own even after the death of life. It’s your treasure that is worthy to share and store, but after few years, it faded like how  the gold light of the sun turns into a dim color. Yes, its glowing time is over and your smile engraved therein is also getting older. How you wish that you have the power to roll back the time on that day when you made the world equate on your own exotic yet exquisite image.

But isn’t it possible for you to make your wish a reality today? It’s like smiling without being conscious that your teeth are already gone and buried yesterday. That’s not funny because every memory made in the past is a great masterpiece of art today; it’s a classic treasure which no one could give a value of nothing. Your old picture can now be made new by having it put in a portrait painting. Can you imagine seeng your younger face, complete teeth, and shiny hair in a painting? It’s definitely awesome especially if you hang it in your wall, then you lie down in your bed, focus your eyes on it, and reminisce the memories of the past. Thus, to make your imagination real, here’s what you should do in painting your old photograph and making it a fresh reflection of the old age:

Use Clear and Beautiful Photo -  clear and beautiful photo means best reference for you to paint an old image you want restore, but this does not mean that you have to take new photograph just to have it because, apparently, your physical appearance has changed already. And even if not, it would seem so useless to take a new one if you already have the best one.

Paint Not just the Lines, but also the Emotion – it may be a common error of some painters who are only guided with the strict technical rules without considering the essential element which is not seen, but can only be felt. Hence, if you paint a photograph, you need to feel the emotion of the characters to make it as real as the original.

Focus on Your Purpose – do you want to make it look the same or have some changes to improve it? You always have to bear in mind in painting that the purpose is what draws the lines and defines the beauty of every sketch.

Sketch Your Subject and other Essential Features – this is the initial step which you must seriously take before you start the painting process; it will serve as your guide so as your brush would have a uniform marks and, thus, would look as refined as your reference.

Polish Your Work – don’t be satisfied with mere drafts or sketches which are not yet made best or refined; you have to polish the colors and other things which need improvement so as to ensure that you have not wasted your time just for nothing. For instance, you can lighten up the dark areas and darken the lighter areas to balance its appearance.

No doubt, you have the power to bring back your smiles which were buried only by time, but not by your memory which could last even until the last day of your life. It is, however, impotent if you  do not transform such memory into a real object of art through painting. Hence, never take for granted the opportunity to make your old photograph a great masterpiece of art today…Contact us!

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