Paint a Memory in Your Home!
Paint a Memory in Your Home!

Painting is both a skill and a habit which could be an indispensable source of enjoyment and happiness to a creative person whose inclination is beyond what the senses could detect and over what the mind could generate; it is a kind of fulfillment which is acquired not with compelling force, but with volitional act of thought.

In the aesthetic sphere of art, one’s preference could either be a concrete or an abstract representation of his aspirations, and it is never limited to just mere ordinary strokes and lines. That is undeniably the pure essence of a masterpiece naturally created by a naked hand. Nonetheless, with the advent of modern technologies, especially the digital painting, the importance of manual output deteriorates.

Most family now would prefer to have their images printed instantly by a machine rather than engraved by the hands on a blanket of canvass. Thus, it simply implies that the technologies have driven the minds to resort to automatic means to gratify their needs and, as a result, their conception of real art is also getting different. This is, however, a debatable saga which should not be taken attenuatedly, otherwise, there would be a dispute among the different minds with varied views in life.

Nevertheless, manual painting is still an authentic product of natural processes of the mind and senses and, thus, considered as one valuable asset of one’s home if hanged-on in the wall. It is undisputed that paintings produced especially by eminent painters are being used as home decoration for many houses in the United States. And apparently, the cost of which is much higher as compared with the one produced by either a machine or an amateur hand.

The reason why it is certainly practicable for a family member to have an initiative to avoid such an expense for the home beautification. It may executed through personal creation of a handiwork based on the whole family’s preference and the atmosphere of the house. Truly, that’s a great idea which should not be removed in one’s consideration because, in a broader perspective, why purchase the work of others if you can create your own?

Who knows, you can be the “alter ego” of Michaelangelo in this generation. Your friends might even appreciate your work than the one you have bought. Thus, it is always a virtue to discover your artful talent before it gets rotten inside you. Nevertheless, if you are already deluded to produce your magnum opera, there are things which you should bear in mind in the process of decorative painting:
Prepare Materials Properly – the canvass, brushes, paints, and other painting materials should     be prepared so you can efficiently work out the plan without delay. Yet, you should also think of the space inside your home where the output is intended to be hanged-on.

Outline the Sketches – it may be favorable for you to start with the basic lines so you have a     direct guide to an image you want to form, or a background you want to incorporate with the main image.

Organize an Image Library – you can create a mini-library for your artworks, and undeniably such could serve as your source for future painting activities, and might even be a special corner in your home where you can tour your friends.

Generate Ideas from Inspirations – visiting museums, parks, and any other art displays is certainly helpful for what you see therein could serve as your inspiration and basis for your own masterpiece.

Enjoy and Feel Free – always remember that the essence of painting cannot be found in your output, but only within yourself that can be defined by enjoyment, satisfaction, and happiness. Yet, feel free, and let your creative or wild ideas guide your every stroke.

Indeed, painting is an immortal life for every artist, and a key for every family to unlock the hidden beauty of, and paint a significant memory in their home.

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