Photo as Reference for Your Portrait Painting Art
Photo as Reference for Your Portrait Painting Art

The reason why it is easy nowadays to get your own Portrait Painting art is that, you can use your own photo as reference or subject for it. Compared before, it’s not necessary to visit a studio anymore, pose for long hours, and your painter will try to paint you according to the expression showed while you’re posing. Today, a single photo alone can be used as subject for a painting you ever desire to have. You have tons of photos maybe and you can choose from these so your artist or painter will have their reference of what to paint for you. The advantage is that, aside from the fact that you don’t need to pose for long hours and spend much time in a studio, you can always look for your best shot from your own photos and choose those that express a beautiful emotions. These photographs are from memorable and unforgettable days of your life, so that means to say that these are your captured moments that is indeed worth remembering. For that reason alone, it is well-deserve to be putted in a big canvas or portrait.

It will never be a complicated task in your part to choose the kind of photo you want to use for this painting art. In fact, you can always ask help from your chosen artist or painter upon choosing the right photographs for it. They will surely be of great help in this kind matter. You just have to be certain of the theme you would like to see from you painting and you have to consider as well the area which you want to put your painting or portrait. Let say, if you want to see it in your living room, then you can choose a family picture to be used as subject for a family painting. Or if you are already married and starting a new family, you can check out your wedding photos and choose one which you think is perfect to be a reference for a wedding portrait. If you already have a baby, try to capture her or him from your own camera and make this as a reference for a baby portrait which you can actually put as decoration in your child’s bedroom. If you are going to give this Portrait Painting as a gift to your loved ones or to other people, same rules apply, just choose the best captured moment of these people whom the painting gift for and turn it into a beautiful painting which you think they will really desire.

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