10 Reasons to Turn Your Photos To Canvas
10 Reasons to Turn Your Photos To Canvas

Many people are now turning their selected photos to canvas. We’ll even go as far as saying it has become a must do, especially in today’s digital world.  But with the hectic lives most of us lead, posing in front of portrait painters to be painted real-time is just not an option.

But, the question is: why are people into portrait painting so much?

Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Paintings are more attractive than photos.
  2. The skill and effort employed to turn a photo into painting makes the painting valuable. The value is usually higher if it is done by a renowned painter.
  3. Prestige is another reason. If you want any room to have an air of prestige and elegance get someone who turns photos to canvas. Think of families with a rich heritage. Most have portraits of their ancestors and the tradition still goes on today.
  4. Paintings look more life-like than photos. Portrait painters have the ability to pick up even the finest details from a photograph. In addition, the portrait painters are able to capture what the camera missed, thus, making the painting come alive.
  5. You can make a better and larger copy of your photo through painting without sacrificing quality. Enlarging digitally on the other hand can distort the image.
  6. Paintings make unique gifts. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding anniversary, photos turned to paintings make great unique gifts.
  7. With a copy of the photo on canvas, the original photo can be safely stored rather than be displayed where it can be damaged.
  8. Paintings last longer than photos when subjected to similar conditions, especially when the right painting materials are used.
  9. You can easily get different subjects and place them in the same painting by lifting them from different photographs.
  10. Turning your photo to painting is creation of something new. Quality is enhanced and the moment is truly captured.

With that said, putting photos to canvas is popular because of the beauty and value it adds to the picture and the memories you preserve with it.

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