The Advancements in Oil Painting
The Advancements in Oil Painting

When it comes to adding a touch of style and beauty to a room, may it be your bedroom or living room, oil painting can make it possible. These are beautiful additions to a house and great conversation pieces as well. Oil painting come in different sizes and shapes and can be based on a variety of themes to exhibit more appeal for those with different tastes.  They can also be painted on the different types of materials, but the most popular one is the canvas.

Original classic paintings are among the valuable works of art that ever existed; some of them even cost million of dollars. While the value of some of them is kept as they are placed in museums, there are those who purchase them as a form of personal enjoyment and even as an investment. There are a lot of art museums that offer educational tours to impart teachings about the paintings and how to take care of them. Whatever a person’s reason is for buying an oil painting, the most important thing is taking care of them to preserve them for a long time.

Oil painting is one of the best mediums of art that has produced the greatest artists. This is why it is essentially a crucial thing that one needs to have knowledge of the artists and their work in order to differentiate a great painting from a cheap one. Leonardo Da Vinci was an all-time favorite among the oil painting artists. Michelangelo is another name that you can’t go unnoticed. And of course, it would be difficult to defeat Van Gogh when it comes to creating the best post-Impressionist oil painting artworks.

Some people may not be aware but portrait painters have their own prosperous history. The Royal and Noble families used to retain some portrait painters on a regular basis in order to create permanent images of their family members. These portraits were painted during long and tedious sittings. And the details of the draperies and clothing were actually literally traced in order to achieve the accurate representation and the subjects were measured carefully for an accurate proportion and perspectives.

But now, in this modern time when the advancements in science and technology are just around the corner, there have been so many changes in the methodology of painting, especially portrait painting. Portrait paintings from photos are very popular in this present time. This is basically the kind of painting that can be considered as one of the finest forms of art and the professionals indeed possess a beautiful skill in creating such exceptional artwork. In the early times, the artists used charcoal, pencils, and dark materials for the finishing of their work pieces. Then, it was a breakthrough and the use of such materials has made so many artists popular up to this day. But now, with all the advanced materials and methods of creating, oil painting has been transformed into an artwork that preserves memories for a lifetime that is worth to be treasured.

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