Why Dog Portraits Are So Popular
Why Dog Portraits Are So Popular

A growing trend among dog owners is having portrait painters create portraits of their dogs. Pet portraits have been around for many years, even before the discovery of the camera. One would wonder, “Why are dog portraits so popular?”

Owning a pet dog is a wish-come-true for many animal lovers, especially for those who had to wait for so long to get one. Dogs keeps us company, offer security and become our best friends. Like with other friends, you would want to capture great moments with your pet dog.

As mentioned, many dog owners view their pets as best friends, and like a human friend, you’d want to show appreciation by doing something special. You’d want to capture fun moments and make them last forever. With the help of portrait painters you can best capture this moment for your dog.

Apart from showing appreciation, converting your dog’s photos to canvas preserves them. Paintings last longer compared to photographs if subjected to the same conditions. Good pet portraits can be passed on through generations. This way, the memory of your pet still remains even if the dog is no more.

Another reason why turning dog photos to canvas paintings is so popular is for aesthetic reasons. Paintings have the ability to capture your attention more than pictures on photo paper. A portrait of your pet dog mounted amongst the house decor will create a warm and pleasant feeling in any room in the house.

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