Cat Portrait Painting 

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    Cat Portrait painting delicately made using durable fine art canvas material.  Our artists work with you to personalize your photo into a purrfect cat painting. The best gift...

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    Lovely photo of watercolor pet portrait gift made by artist! Personalized with your Pet's name and made with high quality standards. Some of our finish products are watercolor...

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    Turn your pet picture into a high ranking admiral of the ocean sea. Transform your pet's picture to animal canvas art 

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    This colorful art splash technique is a fun way to portray your furry friend.  Your cat's photo will be made into a frisky and lively cat portrait painting by 100% real artists....

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    Artistic cat sketch on canvas beautifully created by artist are a popular choice from among our pencil pet portraits.  Our artists love animals and enjoy creating pet sketch...

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    Painterly style cat portrait painting creatively and lovingly painted 100% by artist using your photo and made using sustainable wooden stretcher bars. This style of cat...

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Paint your Cat

Turn those pictures of cats into canvas art

If you're part of those people who loves to watch videos of cats or has desktop wallpaper with a fluffy cat, you will surely a personalized cat portrait painting.

Pictures of cute kittens painted in all sorts of styles. What do you choose? A pop art painting of a cat can cheer undoubtedly, or you prefer watercolor painting? Maybe cartooned cats?

An oil painting of a cat will be a lifetime tribute to this animal that kept you company for years, but also a gift for holders of other cats.

Cheer up with your picture of a cat converted into a cat painting

Your cats will have a secure place in your home. If you need an art object that is permanently in your home that remembers you of your favorite cats, now you can have a unique photo to painting.

Cats are loyal pets, who love to be petted. They love to spin and stand beside their owners. It is said about them that can ward off negative energy and help a quiet home.

A painting of a cat can give you a good mood, so do not hesitate to purchase one. Deftly done, Snappy Canvas paintings can be at you home in a few days. Cat canvas prints are created from the best materials so that you will get an excellent piece of art.

What are you waiting for? Bring joy to cat lovers lives!

1. Pick your favorite artistic style

2. Click load memories and upload your cat photo

3. Order with your desired size and finish.

It's that simple.  Receive your cat portrait painting canvas right to your door and enjoy it for life.

Turn Your Cat Into The Most Amazing Painting Ever!

To choose your artistic technique think about the personality of your cat.  Is she or he energetic and lively? Or perhaps your cat has an aura of wisdom and maturity.  Some cats can be humorous as well. 
For a cat that carries itself with beauty or maturity,  you would do well to choose the oil painting style to capture this.  On the other paw if your cat is playful and colorful, then a color splash cat painting would help express this.  If the cat is a great source of amusement and hilarity our cartoonized cat, or admiral pet cat portrait can be great fun.

Loving owners often want a lasting way to remember their cats, and one of the best methods is to make a painting.  Before beginning your painting, it's important to take use or take high quality photos of your cat. You'll need a photo that captures the unique features of your pet and in an ideal angle. Choose the most flattering position and snap away! Once you've taken enough photos, select the best one(s) to use as reference for when we start your painting.