Horse Portraits 

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    Our Exceptional artists paint your horse photos into portraits wholeheartedly with love. Every sinew, contour, and majestic curve  brought to life. Saddle up and get ready for...

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    Horses are one of Earth's most majestic animals posessing seemingly contradictary traits of great strength and gentle sensitivity.  With it's tones of black and white a sketch...

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Paint your Pony

How to get Amazing Horse Paintings made from your Photos

Horses have captivated our imagination with their beauty and strength for over 5,000 years. If you are looking to capture the majestic quality of your own horses with a horse portrait, our amazing artists can work from your horse photo to create custom horse portrait paintings you can display with pride.

Our horse portrait painters will send a proof of your custom horse portrait so you can make certain you are happy before we ship with fast free shipping. If you have any change requests before approving simply chat with our support and our horse painting artists will take care of any adjustments you would like before finalizing your horse portrait masterpiece. 

If you or your friends are horse lovers or equestrians, then must not miss out on having your custom horse portrait made from photo by our fabulous Snappy Canvas Artists!

Portraits of horses made from pictures and displayed on wall in different artistic styles like oil and sketch.