How to turn your pet and animal photos into sketches the easy way
How to turn your pet and animal photos into sketches the easy way

Why create pet sketches from your photo?  Let's explore reasons why you may wish to turn your furry little friends photos into pencil sketch art, while learning some great tips and the easy ways to accomplish this.

Create Sketch Art From Your Pet Pictures the Easy Way

Sure you could train yourself using tutorials and videos and painstaking hours of practice if you aren't an artist already, but that wouldn't be the easy way. We'll show you how to save the trouble and get amazing pet sketch art out of your photos and onto your walls.

The simple answer is to have a professional create it for you.  You might then ask, "how do I find an artist near me to sketch my pet".  While you could try to find someone locally, it's much easier to use an artist online. It also saves you the aggravation and gas money to try to hunt for a local artist to create your pet sketch art. Especially considering the hgih cost of gas and the added pollution that goes along with it.

1. Pick your pet photo

While the artist will to do the heavy lifting of turning your animal buddies into art, a little effort is still needed from you to select a nice photo.  Thumbnail images that are small in size are probably not going to cut it.  Look for images where you can see your pet's face clearly. High resolution is preferred but you don't need a special camera.  Today's phones are very capable of capturing the necessary quality to create your pet sketch.  Don't worry about unwanted things in the background like, people and pets or even your ex.  All of those things can be removed by the artist.  Close up images work well since it will allow the artist to detail the portrait, and for you pet to be more visible in the end result.  An image of your dog running in the park or along the beach would be better suited for an oil or water color painting, since your pet will be situated further in the background.  

Preparing your Image

Relax, remember we said this is the easy way to turn your pet pics into sketches right?  You don't need mess with contrast, levels, brightness, and a million different settings.  However it may be a good idea to crop the image if you know how to do this. This will help you and the artist know if you want to have your portrait made in landscape or portrait orientation.  Portrait orientation tends to be most common for pet sketch portraits by the way. Of course if you are not accustomed to cropping images, even that can be left up to the artist.

Instructing the Artist

How much or how little you wish to instruct the artist is up to you.  You may wish to allow the professional to make all the decisions, or you may want to provide some guidance on how you would like it to be done.  Don't be afraid to make requests or ask them for advice.  It is common to ask the artists to remove unwanted features of the image.  You can also have them to add more personalization by including the pet's name in the artwork for example, or even adding your pet's favorite toy for example.

Why we love pet sketch art

Stress is an ever present factor in our lives nowadays. Especially in these trying times, where conflicts and pandemics are the reality.  Our home should be a place of solace and with many of us working from home, it's important to have beautiful and relaxing surroundings. Thankfully, there are our four legged friends that provide warmth and camaraderie whenever we need them. Be it dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even horses, they provide a special kind of bond that you can't get from people. With no fuss, no complications, and no grudges, you wouldn't hesitate to play and cuddle with them. It's no wonder that some people treat them as a part of the family. Why not make them a part of your decor too? A pet animal sketch on canvas or in frame lightens the mood, without being obtrusive or overbearing.  Family and friends of all ages can admire and appreciate the ambiance as a result of the pet artistry.  If you have white or grayscale walls the sketch will compliment them in a delightful and tasteful manner.

Creating animal sketches is in our Ancient Ancestry

This idea goes back to the time of cavemen who adorned their cave walls with depictions of animals often sketched using charcoal. Charcoal is still used today in the form of a pencil. However creating sketches digitally using a graphic tablet and stylus is now the most modern way.  The fact that these amazing animals were included in their art shows that they played an important role in their lives just as they do in our lives today but in different ways. Many animals were depicted so long ago by our ancestors, that the animals have gone extinct since then. Ancient cultures all over the world depicted animals in art over hundreds of thousands of years, often carrying symbolic and religious significance.  

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