Custom Painting Of Loved Ones - How To Paint A Picture Of Your Loved Ones
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Custom Painting Of Loved Ones - How To Paint A Picture Of Your Loved Ones

Custom Painting of loved ones

Custom paintings are great for any occasion! Whether you need something unique for yourself or someone else, we've got you covered. Our artists will create an original piece that captures the essence of your event. It doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult to create a portrait from images of your loved ones.  Follow this easy guide to learn how you can have your loved ones images transformed into special works of art!

 Choosing a painting style

You can choose between oil paint, watercolor, pencil, pop art and more. You can select a style that you feel reflects your loved ones personality and taste. If you are uncertain which style would be best, that's okay.  You can ask for help in deciding, or go with with a traditional choice.  Oil style for example is universally appreciated and admired, making it a safe choice for creating paintings of loved ones.  It's also ideal for working with images that may not have very high resolution or perhaps need somethings to be changed.

If you want to create a custom painting of your loved one, you may also consider what themes best suit them. For example, if you know your friend loves sports, then a sports theme would be appropriate. Or maybe you know your mom has a thing for cats, so why not have her cat aslo painted into the portrait? Whatever the subject, there's always a way to personalize your art.

Select a subject matter

 There are many different subjects that can be considered to create your custom painting.  You may choose to have the painting made of your loved one made from a photo taken during a special moment in their life, such as a picture from a family gathering, or an event like a wedding. When it comes to remembrance portraits of loved ones who have passed on, it is also a good idea to consult with other family members and come to an agreement on the photo to be used. If you want to preserve the memory of your loved one who has passed away, custom painting services are a great way to capture their unique personality. If it is of beloved pet you might use an image of them looking happy with their favorite toy, or their favorite setting.  If you know that your loved one  has a strong affinity for the beach you may opt to use a photo of them in that setting. Or alternatively you may want the person or pet to be the main focus without emphasis on the background, in which case you should try to find the highest quality images for the artists to work from.

Add personalization.

Personalize your gift by adding a name, date, or message to the painting. This will make it extra special for the recipient. This can also mean adding various elements to the painting that have special significance.  It could be something that was very meaningful to them or that was dear to their heart.  Adding a quote or a poem is also a wonderful to make your canvas personalized.  These extra touches show how much you care and make the custom painting beyond the ordinary.

Pick a frame style.

Choose between a traditional black, silver, or gold frame to showcase the painting, or skip the frame and go with a standard or deep gallery wrap.  Portraits of loved ones that will go in a more formal setting are often more suited to being framed.  Portrait paintings that are more casual in nature or that will go in an informal setting can work great with just having a gallery wrap and no frame.  If you think you may want to add a frame in the future or that your recipient may want to choose their own frame locally, then a standard gallery wrap can be selected, since it can be placed into a frame later if desirable.

Size selection.

When choosing a canvas for your next project, consider the size first. If you're planning on hanging the piece on a wall, choose a large enough surface to accommodate the image. A larger canvas will allow you to add more details to the picture, such as flowers or other elements. You'll also be able to use smaller canvases if you'd rather frame the work instead of hang it on the wall.  Size is one of the main compenents of the price.  Larger sizes cost more for shipping and materials. Keep in mind that when making a portrait for a loved one that it will provide great return in terms of happiness over the course of their family lives, so its often better to consider a medium to large portrait even if the cost is higher.

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