How to Take and Turn Dog Photos into Extraordinary Paintings
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How to Take and Turn Dog Photos into Extraordinary Paintings

Ultimate Guide to Creating Enviable Dog Paintings From Your Pictures.

Anyone can create a nice dog portrait from their photos but we are going to show you how to create a dog portrait that will make your friends beg to know how you did it.

Like most things it’s easy when you know how.   You don’t need to be a photographer to benefit from these 5 essential tips. However even if you are a photographer you will find useful ideas.

So sit and stay! In just 5 minutes of your time reading this post, you will become a maestro in taking great dog photos and making them into unique pet portrait paintings.

STEP #!  Staging that Lucky Dog

Ever noticed how your dog is super careful about going in the right spot.  You know, circling around and around like a landing plane or making sure he finds that perfect fire hydrant?  

If you want to get the optimal shot you also must find the ideal spot. Natural lighting often provides better results than indoor lighting, especially since it helps eliminate the issue of glowing eyes from flash.

Keep the background simple and uncluttered to make sure the focus is on your dog.  You can have your dog sit or lay down out in the grass of your backyard.  Or if possible take your dog out to the park or even a beach for more artistic shots.

STEP #2  Understand the Angle of your Pooch Snap

If you are like most of us you’ve probably been taking a photo of your best lil buddy on the ground while you proudly tower above.  Sure you might capture that puppy eye dog look that way, but for the most part you are doing it all wrong.

You’ve got to get down with your four legged furball.  How far down?  You’ll want to get your camera down to their eye level to be specific. If you do nothing else beside this you will still get a photo that it is 3 times more professional than otherwise.

STEP #3  Strike a Pose Dog Style

What’s the best way for your lovable mutt to strike a pose?  There’s no one size fits all approach however oftentimes the simplest way is to have your dog sit or lay down if she or he knows the

command.  So you may want to get a few treats ready.   Since you will be turning the dog photo into a painting you can get away with photos taken indoor more easily than if it were to print the

photo.   This is because the artist can make adjustments to improve the lighting of the image when painting it.   So if for example you had the idea of taking a picture of your dog while resting

adorably in his or her dog bed, than don’t hesitate to do so. Keeping in mind that getting down low for the shot is still recommended.

STEP #4   Going from Ordinary Dog Photo to Portrait Painting.

Sort through your photos and select your favorite image.  Examine the area where you plan to place the the painting when complete, and think of what size would fit.  Don’t be afraid to go with a larger size even if you think your photo is small.  Your artist will be able to paint it larger. Its no longer necessary to find a local artist or shop to turn your dog photo into a portrait. In fact its much easier and affordable to upload your image online with sites like Snappy Canvas, who will then create a painting from your dog photo and send an email proof in case you want anything adjusted.  Remember to let your artist know of any details you would like to be included or made to your painting, and they will work with you until you are ready to finalize your painting. With the 4 simple steps listed above everyone will be sure to enjoy your unique canine pet portrait paintings!


What type of dog portrait style should you choose?  This is a matter of personal preference and how you want the portrait to be perceived. If you are going for a timeless look that everyone can appreciate, than an oil style dog portrait can easily accomplish this by accurately capturing  fine details. However if you if you tend to prefer art that is impressionistic, and less focused on detail a painterly style will fit the bill.  

For those of you are looking for a more colorful version of your dog painting, then consider color splash, warhol style pop art, or watercolor.  Colorful canine portraits add vibrance and personality. Snappy canvas also offers a custom pet portrait where you dog's portrait will be embellished with floral design and the dog's name can also be included. 

Adding humor to your dog photo painting canvas can be loads of fun as well. For example your dog can be made to appear playing poker. Or even be made into and admiral of the sea! If you are a fan of literature you can even have your dog's photo done in Shakespearean style.

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