What Can Make Your Wedding Photograph A Treasure of the Future?
What Can Make Your Wedding Photograph A Treasure of the Future?

Wedding is one memorable event in a person’s life which is full of glorious and romantic memories that would last a lifetime, and it may even be the most valuable parcel of the couple’s journey in living a life of undetachable partners destined to cherish the gift of happiness until the eternity vows to store their memory for the generations to come. That’s one ideal thought which can simply be imagined, but behind the images of every word is the truth of reality that the pictures of marriages got broken at the time when the husband and wife promise under the law to have a separate direction due to incompatibility which was not felt before they uttered the ringing “yes” with God inside the tabernacle of love.

This, often times, is the case of those who got divorced after few years of their wedding; the only beautiful memory left is the smiles and hugs in the photographs uncovered by the time. However, for those who have strong ties notwithstanding the deluge of tides in their relationship, the memory glows even brighter no matter how dark the situation may be. Hence, in these two different scenarios, the common thing is the experience or the memory made on the moment they swore to love each other and propagate their mutual understanding; it’s in the photographs. That’s awesome; whether the wedding gets broken or not, the feeling of characters therein is still the same – they’re connected with the celebration at the time it was taken.

Nevertheless, most of the memories now are digitized, or are made real by digital machines which sometime don’t make appeal to the eyes for being so ordinary to look at and not even good for being artificial, that is, not naturally captured by the senses. It makes no difference; there’s a development in technology, but it does not totally transform how beautiful an image could be when engraved in a canvass or created as a portrait painting. Haven’t you realized that? It’s a classic idea to make your wedding photograph looks so costly and non-perishable. Why is that so? Just consider these three points to prove that portrait painting is what will make your smiles and tears a treasure of the future:

Portrait Painting is a Product of Natural Skill, and not an Output of Technology – if you’re dominantly inclined to digital photography, you might not agree with this, but this is the truth about this matter. When you paint, your senses, imagination, and skill are the element that can form an image, while in digital photography, it’s more about how you take an image in an ideal angle. Hence, the bearing of this in your wedding photograph is that you can decide whatever look or angle you want your image to be seen regardless of weather or any other stimuli which might be captured in taking it. True, it can be     edited or taken all over again to make it almost perfect, but why do that if you can have a classy and perfect one. Nevertheless, this is not meant to compare the two and favor the other; it isn’t the point. You have the discretion to integrate the benefits of having a portrait painting and the advantages of digital photograph. It’s just only good to note here that you have to choose the best digital photo you have, and have it made in portrait painting so you can hang it in your wall as a treasure of your own.

Images Formed in A Portrait Painting is Timeless – whenever and wherever, a portrait painting cannot be buried by the time for it has a non-perishable feature which seems so attractive for most artists. One proof is its value in the market; it’s more expensive than ordinary picture taken by a digital camera. And for certain, when your wedding photograph is made into portrait painting, it will be the most valuable gift for your offspring and other people in the next centuries to come. They might not even wonder about your name, but would just look at it and reminisce the moment that you made your vows and kissed the pure lips of each other.

One Portrait Painting is Equal to Thousands of Memories – a photograph has a thousand words, but a portrait painting has a thousands of memories. Thus, if your beautiful wedding photograph is duplicated by an authentic portrait painting, you can have lots of reasons to laugh, cry, or smile while reminiscing the moment you let yourself become one with your partner; that’s the day when you say the doubtless “say” which would never get old even if the time does.

No one would be doubtful if you’ll make your wedding photograph a treasure of your future… You deserve to remember only the happy and victorious memories of your marriage life. Contact us today! We are the key to the treasure of your photograph!

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