How to Improve Your Art Collecting Skills
How to Improve Your Art Collecting Skills

Collecting great pieces of art is a skill in itself. Like other skills, many of the great art collectors aren’t born with it. It is learned through a series of steps and acquisition of knowledge. Therefore, you too can also learn how to be a great art collector. Take note of the things that will pave your path to being a great art collector.

Get more exposure

Do not restrict your art collection to your local art exhibitions and galleries. If you want to roll with the big dogs, you have to go big. Attend national and international art exhibitions and art fairs. This way, you will stand the best chance to collecting the best pieces the world of art has to offer.

The international field is a great way to also discover pieces yet to be discovered by other art collectors. Such pieces can be of higher value in future than they are today.

Know other art collectors

In every business, knowing the people in the same field is one way to secure your success. Therefore, know as many art collectors as you can. They are great sources of information concerning the best ways to approach buying a piece and other tips on art collection.

Art collectors are also great sources of information concerning the best art events to attend, great artists among others. A good way to interact with art collectors is join an art collectors club or group.

Read art literature

The history of art and art collection is found in literature. Getting and reading art related books can greatly improve your art collection techniques. You can also get inspiration especially by reading about great art collectors.

Old published literature on art collecting is especially great for information concerning the essentials of art collection. Also, consider new editions to keep informed about current art trends and techniques used today. Art magazines are great for current trends in the art scene.

Magazines offer the best information concerning artwork that’s making headlines today. They are a good source of information about the places to be and the types of art you might be interested in.

Consider other art lovers’ views and perspectives

How you view arts isn’t necessarily how another person views it. However, it is important to consider other peoples views if you want to succeed as an art collector. Keenly follow what international and local art critics say. Use this as one way to create a positive picture concerning a particular piece of art.

However, it isn’t recommended to follow wholly what art critics say. Remember it is your final view that counts since you will buy the piece (or not). Instead, try to learn the various points brought up when critiquing a piece of art and develop your own critiquing skills. They will come in handy in your art collecting career.

Seek help

Every successful art collector had a mentor. You should get one too. The mentor will advise you on ways to collect art. He or she should be someone who has experience in the field of art collection such as an art advisor. They are especially helpful if you need guidance on buying artwork.

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