Canvas Photos: 6 Ways of Printing on Canvas
Canvas Photos: 6 Ways of Printing on Canvas

Gone are the days when paintings and other artworks are a status symbol, that only those who have money can enjoy them as their collections or decorations. At this present time, when the new technology has taken over what used to be difficult or even impossible for humans, getting what we want is easy and done in a convenient way. When it comes to artworks and paintings, you might have seen a lot of them from different houses. You might have thought that those are expensive one and admired the person for having bought such. Only to realize that those are products of canvas printing.

Canvas printing is one of the latest developments in the new technology and in the field of photography and printing. With the use of a quality canvas, one have his favorite photos be printed and produce an artwork that looks almost the same to the ones we often see in museums and galleries. And now, people will not only settle for having one but even more of these artworks as they come in different styles and designs, according to one’s own preferences. With the help of the new technology, there are various ways how a simple photo can be printed and have an extraordinary end result.

1.) Single Canvas- the most basic and most elegant of all canvas prints. This is done by choosing a photo and having it printed on a canvas. Bespoke dimensions are created thus, even when there is a need for a larger canvas print it can still be met. This can be created using any photo, but digital pictures can provide best results. When digital photos are printed on a canvas, they can offer an incredible level of reproduction.

2.) Montage Print- several of your favorite photos can be chosen and combine them into a single montage. The pictures may be related to a specific subject or topic or just be about one person. The result would surely meet your taste and preference and this can be given as a gift on special occasions, or anything that you would like to do with it.

3.) Filmstrip Montage Print- these are unique twists on a montage. You can have three to nine photos and have them printed in series with a filmstrip border that is printed around them. These are fun and unusual prints that can be one superb way to celebrate an occasion or to display your favorite pictures.

4.) Pop Art Print- these are popular when people are looking for a colorful way of converting their individual photos and portraits. Posterize, Che, Banksy, and Warhol are the main type of pop art prints and each of them offers a lot of colour and character.

5.) Other Photo Conversion- colour photos could be treated in different ways to produce great looking canvas displays. It can be done in sepia or black and white before combining or printing them into a photo montage.

6.) Multi-canvas Options- you can pick one photo and crop it into various pieces. Each of them can then be printed on a canvas to create a multi-canvas print. For the individual canvases, they can have the same size or have different dimensions and sizes depending on how you would like the finished product to look like. This kind of method works well with scenery and nature photo shots.

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